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Průhonice is an important, romantic and dynamically developing residential municipality very close to Prague. Although the municipality is not directly part of Prague, the city does lie practically a stone’s throw away. This is why many successful personalities from cultural, sporting and commercial life have chosen Průhonice as their home. It is located within the territory of the Central Bohemian Region and district of Prague – West.

An exceptional feature is its location near the beautiful   Průhonice Park   , which is included in the prestigious UNESCO global cultural heritage list. Another of the most important monuments is Průhonice Chateau with the Romanesque Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. First mention of the municipality dates back to 1187 in relation to consecration of the Romanesque Chapel of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary and then to 1270, when Zdislav and Oldřich of Průhonice were appointed to the position of Burgraves of Prague Castle.   Průhonice Park   and Průhonice Chateau were established in 1885 by Count Arnošt Emanuel Silva Tarouca from an old aristocratic family from Portugal.   Průhonice Park   is a supreme work of European landscaping with unique use having been made there of the original domestic tree species in combination with foreign tree species. It is situated in beautiful rugged terrain with the Botič Stream running through it. The most important botanical species cultivated in Průhonice Park is the Rhododendron. The park also includes a unique Alpinum with an extensive collection of alpine plants, perennials and tree species. The total area of the park is 250 hectares and the paths run for approximately 23 km in total. The park is also very well-known from many fairy tales which were filmed here and which belong to the golden stock of Czech cinematography. It is often the destination of trips for many families with children from Prague. Nowadays, the chateau is home to the Institute of Botany of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and it is also used as a social and cultural centre. There is a café here and weddings and congresses can be held in the rooms of the chateau. At the other end of Průhonice are the Dendrological Gardens (with an area of approx. 73 hectares), which is managed by the Silva Tarouca Research Institute for Landscape and Ornamental Gardening, and where various interesting events such as flower exhibitions (tulips, dahlias …) or guided tours are held.

With a view to its excellent location, civic facilities and transport accessibility, many companies and organisations have chosen Průhonice as the location for their registered office or have established a business premises here (The Cave Administration of the Czech Republic, Alzheimercentrum Průhonice o.p.s. and others). The municipality is connected to the public transport system of the City of Prague and several bus lines take you conveniently to the Opatov Metro station. The fact that Průhonice is located on the D1 Prague – Brno – Vienna motorway is also of great importance.


Průhonice has recently being undergoing massive construction development. Many hotels, restaurants and family houses have been built. These also include   Parkhotel Průhonice   and the Tarouca Restaurant in Parkhotel Průhonice. For the residents, there is a football pitch here belonging to the Spartak Průhonice sports club, a playground for children and young people, a newly renovated Sokol Hall, a skate park, school, nursery school, library, banks, a post office, health centre, pharmacy and many shops. The Municipal Police and Voluntary Fire Brigade ensure order and safety in the municipality. In the municipality and its surrounding areas, you can also find the cascade of seven Holský Fishponds dating back to the start of the 18th century and a newly established cycle path. The municipality of Průhonice is made up of several parts such as Hole, Komárov and Rozkoš. The municipality of Čestlice can be found in the neighbourhood of Průhonice, where there is a very famous and expansive water park and business park, where there are many shops and car showrooms.


It is certainly worth coming to Průhonice and experiencing its unique atmosphere!

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