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Hotel Dolní Břežany

Dolní Břežany near Prague will be home to the largest laser in the world and it will probably influence the future of science, medicine and industry. 


Dolní Břežany is situated on the southern edge of the city of Prague and the first written mention of it dates back to 1332. The important archaeological monument “Hradiště nad Závistí”, which was already inhabited during the Stone Age, lies within the territory of themunicipality of Dolní Břežany. Dolní Břežany is also home to a chateau with the pseudo-Romanesque Chapel of Mary Magdalene and a chateau park. The complex is a protected cultural monument.

A unique scientific project is currently being built here – the Extreme Light Infrastructure - ELI laser centre which will be created in Dolní Břežany by the end of 2015.


This project is financed from a European Union grant – the Czech Republic received 85 percent of the total budget. Work is diligently underway on ensuring future operation of the largest laser in the world. Situations vacant have already been announced which are waiting to be filled and even scientists can apply. Six large scientific projects are being prepared. “ELI is a globally unique centre which there is great interest in, not only in the Czech, but also European scientific community.”


Thanks to the centre, tens of people will be coming to Dolní Břežany from abroad, which will lend the municipality a certain prestige. Apart from basic research, applied studies will also be taking place, which will for example influence future medicine. In terms of industry, ideas will be used from research into material properties. Scientists could contribute towards mastering controlled thermonuclear fusion as a new source of clean energy.


Hotel Parkhotel Průhonice   is located approx.12 km from Dolní Břežany, i.e. approx. 15 minutes by car.

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